Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More from the fairy's grove... here are a few 3-d fairy tales for your enjoyment.

 One night Millie had a dream that she could fly like the butterflies in the garden... and when she woke up she had wings.

 Because there is a grand fairy tale within each one of us... The Wishes Come True fairy is listening for your dreams.
Every Princess Loves a Fairy Tale.

Stinker Bella is still in fairy training...  "I thought he wanted a puppy frog."

                                             Life's in Bloom 
                Your heart is a fertile garden... consider carefully 
                                        the seeds you plant.
                    Once upon an enchanted night...she wished upon                                                        the stars.

The Paper Doll Project

You are never too old to create a happy childhood.

Make a paper doll... enjoy your youth.

I created this paper doll play house using vintage postcard images, Colorful scrapbook paper, eyelets for joints, Velcro, lots of Modge Podge on the cover,  rhinestones, charms, lace and trims and colorful netting.  Each paper doll part is laminated and lightly sanded  to dull the shine.